Tropical Invasive Plant Monster - Clerodendrum bungei

Back in the day I used to sell this plant in the garden centres and to be fair it was handsome looking specimen with lush bold leaves and usual yet exotic blooms. It was definitely an eye-catcher. Fast forward 20 years and I haven't really seen them since until I moved into our village where they have proven themselves an absolute menace. Using vigorous roots they have managed to race across to my garden from the original planting 200 meters down the lane! No wonder Clerodendrum bungei no longer seems to be sold. It is genuinely an invasive menace. However Lorna likes it so we are currently arguing as to whether we are going to keep it or not.

So why not join us in our conversation regarding the merits of this garden menace and if you have any strong views yourself then you are very welcome to leave us a message in our YouTube comments section.

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