Best Mediterranean Gardens - S'Hort del Rei, Palma, Mallorca (Aka. Majorca)

Join horticulturist Simon and Lorna as they take a walk around the S'Hort del Rei in Palma, Mallorca (Majorca). We wouldn't say that this was a flourishing garden or even one that is particularly well-maintained, but it is undoubtedly hugely historic and sited on the outskirts of the superb Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma and 13th century Palace de l'Almudaina. The very name of S'Hort del Rei means King's garden so you are literally walking in the footsteps of  Royalty!

The problem with this garden as well as the other public gardens and spaces in Mallorca is that they are not valued, maintained or respected by those responsible. So while the original design of the gardens is truly lovely and clearly thought through the grounds have not been maintained and left to degrade (hence the number of fenced off areas). The borders are not finished as shown by the exposed irrigation pipes and dead plants are left in the displays

However by comparison to the other gardens we visited it is still arguably the best in Palma which really isn't a great accolade.

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