How to Grow the Tropical Effect Garden 'Must-Have' - 'Kniphofia caulescens'


If you are looking for plants to provide you with both exotic colour and architectural effect then Kniphofia caulescens - (Red Hot Poker) has to be up there for strong consideration. Unlike the majority of the rather dull (my opinion only) pastel shades of weak, overly-leafy growth that seems to the the trend for Kniphofia cultivars at the moment, Kniphofia caulescens is an absolute man of a plant with bold, muscular blooms on stocky stems which shine magnificently against the backdrop of gorgeous powder, glaucous-blue foliage. 

However the news is better than that is is evergreen, extremely hardy and capable of surviving plenty of neglect. Just avoid planting in areas prone to waterlogging over the winter. As a tip, tie leaves together in late autumn to form a canopy over the crown in order to prevent water from settling in the crown and freezing.

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