Grow Free Aeonium (Tree Aeonium or Irish Rose or Tree Houseleek) from Cu...

Aeoniums are arguably one of our absolute favourite succulents. I think it is because of how the apical rosette of leathery leaves look like exotic blooms. Admittedly under the super-soft environment experienced in the UK the leaf rosettes can become extremely elongated to the point that the stems struggle to support them, but I think that this is a far more favourable ornamental effect that the tight 'buttons' of foliage seen in the harsh climate of the southern Mediterranean basin. 

Anyway, they keys to the success of Aeoniums is one - how easily the can produce unusual and exciting colour variations. And two - how easy they to propagate vegetatively. So in this video we show you just how easy it is to grow Aeoniums from cuttings and of course that makes them (almost) entirely free!

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