African Cacti 'Orbea variegata' - Carrion Flower or Star Flower

If you are interested in growing African cacti then Orbea variegata is probably the easiest species to begin with. Although not actually a cactus but instead a specialist succulent it is super-easy to grow, super-easy to propagate and will even survive outside in an unheated greenhouse (at least it will where I live on the south coast of England. And this isn't a bad thing as when the blooms open they will smell of carrion! 

They can be difficult to find but they will pop up at Cacti and Succulent shows as well as maybe some plant material on-line from which you can propagate your own specimens. Of course the best thing about these wonderful plants are the gorgeous blooms which are incredible intricate in their colouration and design. The second best thing this that they will thrive on neglect just so long as you water them at least once a month but preferably weekly during the growing season.

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