African Cacti 'Stapelia schinzii' - Carrion Flower Cactus

Stapelia schinzii (otherwise known as the Carrion Flower) is a wonderful looking specimen and native to SW. Angola to Namibia. It is a succulent subshrub and grows primarily in the desert or dry shrublands often under the light cover of larger plants. It was first discovered for western science in 1908, its findings published in the German publication Vierteljahrsschr. Naturf. Ges. Z├╝rich 53: 491 by A.Berger & Schltr.

It is the largest flowering Stapelia in the Namibia (but not within the entire genus) with a bloom reaching upwards of 20cm. The  size is important as it is fly pollinated and required the surface area to produce the pungent carrion-like odour to attract them.

As an ornamental specimen it can be grown as a glass house specimen or outside during mild weather as either groundcover or as a hanging basket plant.

Careful watering is required over the summer months but keep them dry over the winter with a minimum temperature of around 10 degrees.

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