Traditional Wedding Flowers – Find the Perfect Arrangement for Your Big Day

The flowers you choose for your wedding have a huge impact on the look and feel of your big day. This is especially true for your bridal bouquet. After all, when else do you get to carry a huge, beautiful array of flowers designed just for you?

In fact, you can plan your entire wedding around that specific arrangement of flowers. While ordering Bouqs Wedding Flowers is exciting for any bride, there are a few tips to keep in mind before finalizing the flowers you have selected.

Choose the Dress First

When you go to the florist to discuss your flower bouquet, make sure you take along a picture of your dress. The design of the bouquet will depend on the detail, shape, and style of your dress. The bouquet design shouldn’t drown you out, unbalance the line, or hide the silhouette of your dress.

Size and Shape of Your Bouquet

Don't choose a trailing bouquet if the main detail of your dress is on your skirt. However, if you have a longer bustle or train at the back of the dress, you may want to balance the look by choosing a more dramatic bouquet. Don't hide your waist, as this is the narrowest part of the body. Be sure the bouquet is narrower than your waist.

Even though fashions for bouquets will change over time, you need to make sure that everything works and that you have a balanced look.

Seasonal Options

You can't find some flowers during certain parts of the year. If you can find off-season flowers, they are probably going to be extremely expensive. Be sure you consider this when you select the flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Wedding Dress Color

Color is an essential consideration. This is especially true for creams, ivories, and whites. There are countless shades to choose from, and your florist will be able to recommend the best bloom type that will work with the dress's color, and that will complement the dress color your bridesmaids will wear. If you have swatches, be sure to take them to the florist with you.

If you plan to have your dress altered or custom-made, be sure to talk to your seamstress and find out if there is a dress-matching material that your florist can wrap the bouquet's stems with. This will ensure you get a perfect match.

Make the Bouquet Personal

It's a good idea to add flowers that have some type of personal meaning to you or someone in your family. Also, if you have a family heirloom, like a lace hanky or antique brooch, see if your florist can add it to the stems. This is also a great location for your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Broaches, in particular, look amazing. They also offer a great way to finish the handle of your bouquet. You can also implement cultural traditions, such as those that are seen in the Chinese culture.

Holding Your Bouquet

If you are nervous before your wedding and hold your bouquet for the first time, most brides may hold it with two hands and carry it high, which causes the shoulders to go up. This doesn't usually make a good picture. This is particularly true if you have chosen a strapless dress.

Try to keep the bouquet in one hand and below your hips, slightly away from your dress. This will ensure you can see the silhouette of your wedding dress. This position will also help to open and relax your shoulders, which improves your posture and creates a good pose for the photographer.


Select a Comfortable Bouquet

You need to make sure you choose a bouquet that is comfortable for you to hold. This means choosing something that will not be too big to carry or something that may make you stand off-balance or in an unusual position.

As you can see, there are more than a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your wedding flowers and bouquet. With the tips and information here, you should be ready to make this important decision. Also, it is almost guaranteed that you will be happy with the final product by considering all these things.