Quinta Magnolia Gardens walk-through with horticultural commentary

The Portuguese island of Madeira, also known as the Garden Island - and for good reason, is a magnet for all those who are lovers of all things Horticultural. There are the tree main gardens that you really do not want to miss is you every come to visit :

Monte palace tropical gardens
Madeira Botanical gardens
Palheiro Gardens

However you you are staying on the island for a few days and want to looks at some other worthwhile hardens as well as walk amidst its colonial history then consider having a visit to Quinta magnolia gardens in the west of the Islands capitol Funchal, and only a ten minute walk away from Reid's Palace hotel..

Formally an Edwardian pleasure garden and until more recently the British Country Club', the facilities at Quinta Magnolia are now open to the public and the 40,000 square metres of mature trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns are now free to the public to visit and walk around.

So if you are considering visiting Quinta magnolia and what to have an idea as to what is there then why not join English Horticulturists Simon and Lorna as they walk through and discover what they find of interest.

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