Palheiro Gardens, Madeira, walk-through with horticultural commentary - Part 1

Situated about a 20 minute drive from the centre of Funchal, Madeira, Palheiro gardens are one of three top class gardens to be found on the island. Utilising one of the larger sections of relatively flat land on this dormant Vulcanic rock, the 1st Count of Carvalhal found it perfect for laying out pleasure gardens on a grand scale. 

Currently owned by the Blandy family, it is an excellent example of an English influenced Edwardian pleasure garden with a superb collection of trees Camellias, specimen trees and a selection of well-maintained compartmentalised themed gardens within the overall site.

So join English horticulturists Simon and Lorna as they make their way around the garden for the first time, pointing out interesting plants that catch their eye and discuss the relevant landscaping as they pass through.

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