How to propagate Orchid cactus (Disocactus) from cuttings

Living in the UK you wouldn't think that it would be possible to find epiphytic orchid cacti hanging from a tree, but grow them here you can. In fact arguably the most attractive of them all - Disocactus × jenkinsonii (usually always miss-named as Disocactus ackermannii) is considered hardy in the UK and has be given the prestigious Award of Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society! In reality, this is a hybrid between Disocactus phyllanthoides and Disocactus speciosus. It has a very complex taxonomic history and has been mistaken for Disocactus ackermannii for a long time.

It is extremely rare to see Orchid cacti (Disocactus species) for sale but assuming you come a cross a speciment it is very easy to take cutting to propagate you own specimen. Check out the video above where the surprisingly simple process of propagating Orchid cactus (Disocactus) is explained.

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