Yes it's true, you can grow a tropical garden in 6 months. However you will need to purchase the right plants at the right time and plant them in a position with conditions that will best suit their environmental needs. Ok, that can sound quite daunting but with the majority of cold hardy tropical plants require not much more that full sun and free draining soil. It is a lot easier than you might first think - there are of course some exceptions.

So welcome to English horticulturist Lorna's cold hardy tropical garden. Planted 6 months ago to when this video was taken, it is now a mature, lush corner of the garden filled with colour and architectural foliage. We have specifically chosen large-leaved specimens, brought in a few specimen plants from our old garden - just two in fact, the hardy banana Musa basjoo and the Tetrapanax 'Rex'. Most other plants are herbaceous plants we have propagated through division or late spring or summer flowering bulbs bought and stored from earlier on in the year.

We have added a few hardy palms -  Phoenix canariensis and Trachycarpus fortunei and Chamaerops humilis, along with ornamental grasses such as the black bamboo, variegated Arundo donax and rebra grass.

For new stock there is a good range of bulbs, Canna lilies, Dahlias, montbretia, Salvias and Coleus to capture that vibrant tropical palette

We like to try and stick to orange and red blooms to further enhance the tropical look. So why not join Lorna as she walks around this tropical effect border and explains some of the plants andr choices she has made.

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