Tropical Gardens UK: Giant Arum Lily - Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Hercules...

This giant arum lily was an absolute surprise when we saw it at Wisley last year. So impressive was it that I had to buy one myself. The trouble is that very few nurseries were growing it but luckily I manage to pick up a specimen albeit a small one. Now there has been some issue regarding the name as mentioned in this video, plus I have been contacted by one of our viewers who states that Wisley does have it right and Champion plants who supplied the plant has it wrong. It is very difficult to say as nursery that introduced this plant is now calling both plants the same cultivar!

Anyway, what is important is that this plant is and absolute eye-catcher and is listed as hardy down to -5 to -10 degree Celsius, which means that it will grow in large parts of the UK.

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