Elche Mediterranean Gardens, Spain Slide Show - Home to Cacti, Succulent...

Welcome to our slide show of  Elche Garden - Huerto del Cura, Alicante Spain. This wonderful garden is home to a fantastic display of cacti, succulents, Tropical, Exotic and Mediterranean plants. The undisputed star of the garden is the specimen of Phoenix dactylifera known as the 'Imperial Palm', a date palm with 7 arms that emerge at a height of 1.50 m from the main trunk and an age of about 165 years!

This was my second visit to Elche gardens and I can genuinely say that the standard across the whole of the garden was much improved. The displays looked well maintained and the plants themselves seemed stronger, healthier and in much better condition. However the last time I was there Spain was in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures entering the low 40's Celsius and no one like that including most of the plants.

So if you are in the area I would definitely recommend a visit as it is arguably the best garden in the area - just remember to always take water with you.

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