How to grow Phormium colensoi 'Cream Delight'

Phormium colensoi 'Cream Delight' (formally Phormium cookianum 'Cream Delight') is an attractive ornamental foliage plant, the original species of which is found on coastal slopes found throughout New Zealand.

How to grow Phormium colensoi 'Cream Delight'
Phormium colensoi 'Cream Delight' is a selected sport produced by a specimen of Phormium colensoi 'Tricolour' and introduced by Margaret Jones in 1978. Incidentally, Phormium colensoi 'Tricolour' is itself a variegated sport of the type species.

Under favourable conditions you can expect it to reach a height and spread of between approximately 50-150 cm. The evergreen sword-shaped leaves have a broad. cream-yellow coloured central belt with narrower bands of cream towards the margin. Tubular greenish-yellow flowers are formed on with tall panicles in late summer although these are seldom produced in the cooler climates of northern European.

This is a shallow rooted, clump forming species which will grows best in a fertile well-drained, moist soil. Position in full sun, but be aware that winter protection may be required in regions prone to extender freezing conditions.

Remove spent flower stalks and damaged leaves in August or September.

Phormium colensoi 'Cream Delight' received the Award of Garden Merit in 1984 from the Royal Horticultural Society.

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