How to Overwinter Winterize Musella (Musa) lasiocarpa - Golden Lotus Ban...

Musella (Musa) lasiocarpa, commonly known as the Golden Lotus Banana, Chinese Yellow Banana or the Chinese Dwarf Banana is a rarely seen, yet fantastic looking ornamental flowering herb species. However, despite the difficulties of finding one to purchase in garden centres, they are available mail order but this means you are usually purchasing small plants due to the cost of postage. That in itself isn't a problem as they will put on size during the growing season (assuming you bought one early enough) , but reaching flowering size can take between 2 and 4 years depending on favourable growing conditions and this means successfully overwintering or winterizing your Musella lasiocarpa over several years. So in this video English horticulturist Simon explains how he Overwinters his Musella lasiocarpa.

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