Poisonous Garden Plants That Can Kill You!

You may think that the plants brought from your local garden centre are entirely safe but think again! Many of these species found on display are highly toxic, which if ingested in sufficient quantity could easily kill a grown man! If this is a concern you, and why shouldn't it be, then English horticulturist Simon points out some of the most poisonous, commonly found garden plants.

People often say that you have more deadly products under your kitchen sink than anywhere else and while that may be true at least you know they are there and not to touch them. When it come to garden plants the majority of people have no idea what plants they have let alone their phytotoxicity! Of course, death through accidental plant poisoning in the UK is extremely rare but knowledge is power. Is it better for general population to know the risks of some of these commonly planted specimens which will increase the risk of their misuse or is there a strong case for 'ignorance bliss'? Well, that is for you to decide.

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