Alternatives to box plant hedging - 'Buxus sempervirens'

Brought over by the Romans almost a thousand years ago, Box plants had proven to be extremely robust and versatile right up until the past decade or so when the calamitous introductions of Box blight and Box caterpillar moth occured. With few effective methods of control, arguably the best option is to no longer plant Buxus sempervirens and instead consider alternative species and cultivars in its place. 

The problem with both of these inflictions' is that an awful of of damage has happened before the problem is identifies. Then secondly, it is difficult or even illegal without a commercial spraying licence for the man-in-the-street to purchase any of the control methods.

This is where the magnificent plant boffins at RHS Wisley come in. They have dedicated a large garden in the grounds dedicated to the possible alternatives to box hedging, and in doing so have created what could be called a masterpiece of mixed topiary.

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