Tropicals gardens UK: How to Overwinter Fuchsias

Fuchsias can be a fantastic addition for the cold-hardy, tropical effect, exotic garden. However, depending on which species, cultivar or hybrid you are growing will depend on what will be required to overwinter it  - should any management indeed be necessary! So assuming you know the full name of your plant and subsequently find out its hardiness you can then you too can find out how to overwinter your Fuschia by watching this video.

In short the tender varieties will need to be brought in under protection to a light, frost free position, the hardy Fuchsia will little work apart from a dry mulch to protect the root system is temperatures look to drop below -4 degrees Celsius. Those fuchsias on the cusp of hardiness will need all the protection such as dry mulching, several layers of horticultural fleece and perhaps a bag of the top to be on the safe side.

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