MInd Blowing Bonsai at the UK National Collection of Bonsai, Birmingham ...

The National collection of bonsai at Birmingham botanical gardens is a rare treat indeed. Hidden away and under a surprising about of security, these extremely valuable specimens are amongst the best in the country! So hidden away are they that they were nearly missed on Lorna and Zoes visit!

Any the national collection here at Birmingham are some of the highest quality and therefore valuable specimens you are likely to see which is why so much effort has been put into the security.

So why not join English horticulturists Lorna and Zoe as they check out this wonderful display and point out things of interest that catch their eyes.

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Tropical Gardens UK: Amazing Exotic Plant Collection at West Dean Victor...

This collection of gorgeous tropical plants housed in an original, Victorian, refurbished glasshouse is one of the highlights of West Dean Gardens near Chichester, West Sussex UK. In its day glasshouses like this were the pinnacle of environmental technology, in fact the technology within works as perfectly and effectively today as they did when it was first constructed! During our visit the glasshouse still had their white-wash shading so it was impossible to see what lay inside. This meant that every time we opened a door we were always in fora surprise!

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Tropical Garden UK: November Exotic Garden maintenance

It finally came! A day when it had stopped raining and the sun began to shine! I can't put it off any longer as it was a perfect day for working on the garden - despite the strong winds. However garden maintenance in November is not much fun so I have made this video as fun as my imagination would allow.

So beside dealing with the carnage which is my busted hardy banana, I need to clear out all of the collapsing and degrading specimens such as the Dahlias and Coleus, remove any dead or dying foliage and pick up the huge amount of apples that the last storm ripped from the tree. 

You would also look at doing perhaps your final weeding but I don't really have too many weeds in this as I have been intolerant of such things for years and never allow then to take hold if one catches my eye!

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Tropical Gardens UK: Nymans Exotic Plant Border

The exotic gardens found next to the ruins at Nymans are one of the highlights of this historic garden. Established more than a decade ago the established tropical-effect specimens are a delight to behold! Planted in the shelter of the fire-ruined Gothic/Tudor style house, the exotic border has a fantastic range of unusual cold-hardy exotic plants, many of which have grown to to a size rarely seen in the UK.

So when you visit Nymans check the map and make sure that you don't miss out on this treat that looks as though it is the last remnants of a lost civilisation now overtaken by an all consuming jungle!

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Tropical Gardens UK: Storm Disaster in our Exotic Border!


We had a massive overnight storm and come the morning we woke up to find that our beloved Banana - Musa basjoo, was completely snapped in half, amongst other damage!

So why not join us as we have a quick walk around the garden with our heads in our hands as we look at the destruction that we must now repair. Luckily, winter is just around the corner so it won't be long until many of our plants are cut back down for winter protection.

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Tropical Garden UK: Exotic Subtropical borders at West Dean Gardens, Wes...

West Dean gardens near Chichester is a fantastic example of a Victorian/Edwardian pleasure garden, especially as the large complex of original Victorian glass house were recent refurbished in order to  preserve them for future generations.

In past visits to this historic country retreat, it is the glasshouses and their fantastic collection which have always caught out eyes, however this time came across a wonderful exotic border - as well as a few chickens!

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Tropical Gardens UK: How to Grow Free Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree)...

Cordylines are among the most popular of all the cold hardy, exotic, tropical effect plants, yet specimen plants has still fairly pricey despite being very easy to grow. However it is possible to grow your own cordylines from naturalised seedlings for absolutely free!

In this video English horticulturist Simon explains firstly how to recognise cordyline seedlings in the ground and then how to lift and pot them on for planting in the garden during the next season. The good news is that throughout large parts of the UK cordylines have naturalised and will readily produce viable seeds.

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Tropical Gardens UK - Why do Tree Ferns Need So Much Fertiliser?

Tree ferns are becoming ever more expensive to purchase so keeping them in top condition has got to be priority. Unfortunately many of the specimens I come across in the UK are usually pale in colour with stunted growth and a narrowing crown. However it is always possible to improve their condition with correct watering and fertiliser application.

In a previous video we discussed how your should feed your tree fern, however in this video we go into detail as to why tree ferns require so much more feeding and at a higher concentration. However watch the video to the end as over fertilising any plant incorrectly can cause root damage!

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Preparing Tortoises for UK Winter Hibernation

 Autumn is upon us and winter is now just around the corner. However while the overnight temperatures are still mild it won't be long before we will need to look at putting in some preparation for over-wintering the tortoises. They can't really be left outside in the freezing conditions so Lorna will now be making arrangements to have everything in place to hibernate her tortoises so that can do so in the safest possible way before it gets to cold.

With that in mind we thought it would be a great idea to have a chat with Lorna to find out what she has in mind and the reasons behind it. 

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We Built a Tortoise Prison!

Since Lorna's tortoise came back, she has been worried about him escaping again so I was tasked to build a stronger garden enclosure - which I call the prison. Reluctantly, as I could have been watching TV, I took my man-tools out of the garage and set to work with no plan.

So far neither of them have escaped which I feel is a reflection on my craftsmanship!

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Fuchsia Gall Mite - What is KIlling my Fuchsia?

Fuchsias used to be a mainstay of the garden and why wouldn't it be? Originating predominately from the tropical or subtropical regions of south America. For years Fuchsia used to be bullet proof with very little problems with pests and diseases but recently this has changed.

If you are looking at your Fuchsias and wondering what on earth is all that hard, horrible cankerous growth then you are not alone. Sadly, gone are the days when fuchsia will look amazing and continue to flower until the first hard frost. Now they look stunted, sickly and full of distorted, shapeless lumps! So what is causing this scurge on one of our favourite garden plants and what can you do about it? Well it's not good news as English horticulturists Simon explants just what Fuchsia gall mite is and what can be done about it.

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Preparing Greenhouse for overwintering (Winterizing for American viewers) Cacti and Succulents

With the overnight temperatures starting to drop now that autumn (fall for our American viewers) is upon us we need to make sure that we have all of our cacti and succulents in the right place moving forward for winter. A good part of our cacti and succulent collection will overwinter or winterize in the unheated greenhouse but that is because the ones which weren't capable of surviving the freezing temperatures died out a few years back when I decided I didn't want them in the house (Lorna doesn't know that and is very unlikely to read this either)! 

However, we are thinking about putting them into next year's show against the local chapter of the The British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) so I am going to have to put the work in this year to make sure that that at least some of our plants are of show quality, and that means sorting out the greenhouse and bringing the tender specimens inside for protection. 

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