Tropical Gardens UK: Exotic Garden Winter Insurance Policy

Winter is coming, and if you haven't noticed it where you are yet then take a closer look at your garden plants as they certainly have. At an almost imperceptible level flowering has ended, seed heads are maturing and growth has slowed to a full stop. And of course all of this is perfectly fine and natural except for those so-called exotic plants in the garden which are ill equipped to deal with the unreliable, freezing winter temperatures of England. 

So rather than leave them to their own devices (which will mostly mean certain death) what on earth can you do to ensure that your tender plants survive until the spring, saving you a small Kings ransom in replacing them? To give you a fighting chance and something of an exotic garden winter policy English horticulturist Simon walks around his garden giving advice on what you can do to help keep your borderline-hardy plants alive and in good condition over the winter to save you staring from scratch in the spring.

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