Tropical Gardens UK: Is There a Cold Hardy Edible Banana?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if such a thing as a cold-hardy edible banana tree existed? Well, cold-hardy banana trees do exist and can be grown successfully in most UK tropical-effect gardens. And as it turn out, there are edible banana-likely plants that can also be grown in the UK - albeit with a little help over the winter! So is the holy grail of a cold-hardy edible banana genuinely a possibility? English horticulturist Simon explains where we are with that.

Unfortunately the plants that produce the bananas you buy in the supermarket are not hardy enough to grow outside in the UK although grown under the protected environment of a heated glass house with additional lighting will allow them to produce fruit for you. However, when it comes to growing outside all year round there is one plant from the banana family that has an edible aspect to it but to find out more you will need to watch the above video.

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