Tropical Gardens UK: Is There a Hardy Bird of Paradise Flower - Strelitz...

Is there a hardy 'Bird of Paradise' flower? Well, if you live in the mildest regions of the United Kingdom there is an argument that such a thing almost exists. Providing you have excellent drainage, a suitably sheltered position against a south facing house wall, a dry mulch and several layers of horticultural fleece a rain shadow and temperatures that don't drop much below -2 degrees Celsius for short periods then you will have a fair chance of overwintering Strelitzia regina outside! I understand that this is a long list of requirements, and I am not suggesting that your 'Bird of Paradise' plant will start off the spring undamaged, but given a fair wind and a bit of luck with the weather you can indeed grow Strelitzia regina outside in the UK all year round - so surely this means that it is a little bit hardy? Maybe not, but if you are determined to prove to your friends how outstanding a horticulturist you are then there is a second, even more cold resistant subspecies  - Strelitzia juncea that is believed to be even hardier - if you can find one in the UK to purchase!

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