Giant Tropical Canna Lily - What is the deal with it?

If you though that Canna lilies were lovely, small to medium sized ornamental plants ideal for the suburban border then you are wrong. |It turns out that Canna lilies can be huge and even take over the garden like a giant, creeping weed! Anyway, Lorna really loves this plant and wanted to invite you to see why she thinks it is so amazing. 

Unsurprisingly it is not my 'Cup to Tea', as it means that I am going to have to go in to the broader over the winter and dig out most of this years growth before it finds its way into the field next door at which point I will have the farmer banging down my door demanding that I deal with it!

Anyway check out the video and if you have any strong opinion on giant canna lilies we would love to hear from you in the comments. Don't forget that you can support our channel by pressing the 'Like' button, and even more so by click onto the 'Subscribe' button.

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