The Prodigal Tortoise Returns

Oh my goodness it has been a rollercoaster of emotions these past couple of weeks! One of the tortoises had escaped its quarters and after a detailed search of both ours and our neighbours gardens realised that it was definitely missing. After a lot of emotion, all from Lorna by the way we had a stroke of luck. A couple walking their dog found Gonzales in the woods nearby, at which point they may have decided to keep him for themselves or just leave him there, however they decided to rescue him and taking him down to their local vets in the next town along. The vet then put out a notice on their facebook page however we are not on their friends list so our search could have ended right their!

Luckily one of our neighbours came across this listing and passed it on to us. We called them and went down with proof of ownership and fortunately the tortoise that they had was no other than Gonzales himself. Our family is now completed.

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