Cold Hardy Spanish Moss? Try growing Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls'

It is undeniable that the pendulous hanging growth of Spanish moss - Tillandsia usneoides is evocative of the tropical and subtropical climates of central America. However if you want to replicat this effect in colder, northern European countries then unfortunately Spanish moss isn't going to survive. However if you are happy to squint a little you can achieve a strongly similar look by growing Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls'.

This wonder hanging plant cultivar makes for a great substituent albeit that it is not an epiphyte and will need to have its root system growing in a pot.

To find out more about this under-used yet tough-as-old-boots (at least in the south of England) herbaceous perennial then check out our video above. If you would like to support our YouTube channel then consider subscribing buy click onto the 'Subscribe' button and that way you will never miss a video.

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