Tropical Garden Successes and Failures! We show you our dirty secrets.

Many gardeners aspire to grow a cold-hardy, tropical effect garden and to be honest it is not as difficult as you might think. Once you have done a little homework on what plants have been proven to be hardy and where it should be planted it requires no less work that a typical herbaceous border.

That being said it is easy for things to go wrong and often this a problem with suppliers wrongly labelling plants or plants being sold with underlying bacterial or fungal infections. Of course, simple bad luck can also be a factor.

That aside there are many videos on how clever gardeners are in growing their cold-hardy tropical effect garden (we are no exception) but this doesn't help those who are struggling to achieve the same result. Therefore we decided that it would be a far more valuable teaching tool to showcase the mistake and failures we experienced. Therefore by standing in solidarity with our gardening brethren we can share our bad experiences and use these as a teaching moment to improve our gardens in the future.

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