Best Plants for a Cold Hardy, Tropical Effect Garden

For many, having a tropical garden in the cold, rainy climate of England is little more than a fantasy. Why? Because tropical plants live in the tropics where the sun shines all year round with temperatures rarely dropping below 25 degrees Celsius. And of course that is true. However  just because you cannot grow genuine tropical plants due to your climate, this does not mean that you cannot grow similar looking plants that are cold hardy which will give you the same effect. Tropical forests are synonymous with tall specimens, large leaves and unusual architectural plant structures, so with a little research it is easy to pick out plant which match these criteria to bring the look of the tropics to your very own back garden. So which are the best plants for a cold hardy, tropical effect garden?

Luckily the choice is fairly limited which makes designing a cold tropical effect garden relatively simple and starts with knowing which are the two largest leaved plants you can grow here. They are the giant ornamental Rhubarb - Gunnera manicata and the rice-paper plant - Tetrapanax rex. Moving on from there you can check out Fatsia species and cultivars, hardy bananas, variegated spanish reed, Cannas, large leaved hostas and the range of hardy palms that are available. 

Another trick to add to the tropical effect is to mimic the colour palette of the tropics which means adding plenty of red flowering plants wit a lesser splattering of orange, hot pink and vibrant yellows.

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