How to grow bananas from seed without a day and night temperature heated...

Do you love the idea of growing banana plants from seed but don't have the specialist equipment to do so? Well most of the regions of the world were bananas naturally grow are usually tropical or at best Mediterranean or for a few special species warm temperate. So if you live in a northern European climate it will be possible to grow maybe a handful of species at a pinch and will a little helping hand but growing them from seed, well how would that work?

Well germinating bananas from seeds outside of their natural environment is a little bit of an art. You will need a heated propagator which can produce differing day and night temperatures. It sound more complicated than it is as you just need to connect it to a timer which switches off for 12 hours at a time.

But how would you replicate the germination conditions without a heated propagator? That can be achieved by timing germination with your local seasons. To find out more check out our video above where everything will be explained.

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