Tropical Gardens UK: How to Protect and Overwinter (Winterize) Tree Ferns

If you have visited a premium garden centre recently then two things may have caught your attention. The first would be a stunning display of tree ferns of possibly more than one species. The second would be the phenomenal price of these plants which have at least quadrupled in the past ten years making any tree fern specimen likely to be the most valuable plant in you garden.

Now living in the UK, and even the mildest regions of the UK, tree ferns can experience weather far too cold to maintain their condition and in extreme conditions can kill the crown. So to avoid killing off these beautiful plants it is not good enough to give it a quick wrap in fleece, you need to make sure that the crown is adequately protected and the canopy protected well enough that it is still viable come the spring. Of course, the further north you live the colder it gets and you will need to provide even more cold protection.

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