Tropical Gardens UK: Arid Glasshouse During Wisley 'Glow' Gardens Light ...

During our last visit to RHS Wisley UK, we were fortunate to be there as they were setting up the large light displays for their 'Wisley Glow' season. Although not quite dark enough for the full effect (which we may well have not been unable to film on our camera), conditions were suitable to get at least a hint of it while inside the arid glasshouse. Hopefully we will be popping back to watch the whole display at the end of the year and maybe have some suitable footage to share with you. If you think that the glow even is just in the arid glasshouse then you may be surprised to learn that is is in fact almost across the entire gardens - including fire and fountain displays. 

Wisley Glow opening times for 2022 are from 17 November – 8 January from 4pm – 9pm. Just be aware that there is no Glow event 24–26 December.

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