Tropical Garden: How to Overwinter (winterize) Japanese Hardy Banana - M...

The freezing depth are becoming ever nearer and so any gardener worth their salt will have winter protection on their mind. On such plant in need of at least some winter protection (even in the mildest regions of the UK) is the brilliant Musa basjoo - commonly known as the 'Hardy Banana' and 'Japanese Banana'.

While te hardy banana is considered root hardy, which mean the root system will tolerate temperatures down to -10 degree Celsius, the pseudo stem (truck) is less hardy and should be protected when freezing temperatures or hard frost are forecast. If the pseudostems are damaged in freezing conditions then luckily all is not lost as they will generally grow back through in the spring. However if you are aiming to achieve the impressive height that Musa basjoo pseudostems can attain then you will need to manage their winter protection so that they survive intact in order to add to the existing growth.

So in this video English horticulturist Simon explains the overwintering technique that is used at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens Wisley.

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