Tropical gardens UK: What is the World's Hardiest Palm Tree

What is the world's hardiest palm tree? Well of course this is explained in full in this video, but there is more! English horticulturist Simon not only answers this fundamental question but also explains in detail why it is so hardy and how to easily grow them in your garden!

Even in northern European countries, there are limited choices as to what palms can survive even our 'so-called' mild winters. In the south of England you may be able to plants the more exotic species such as Phoenix canariensis, Butia capitata, Jubaea chilensis and the Washingtonia robusta but further north you have just the two species to choose from (although there are a few cultivars of such which are also tough enough) which you can trust to survive our British winters year after year! One is the more 'mound-forming' Chamaerops humilis, the other is featured in this video.

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