Vegetable Gardening UK: How To Grow Cucumber from Seed - The Best and Ea...

Given the right equipment and seeds this video covers the best and easiest way to grow cucumbers from seed. It is all about using quality F1 hybrid cucumber seeds, keeping all of the equipment clean and sterile, and sowing into sterilised compost. However perhaps the mosting important things are sowing at the right time and using a heated propagator.

But there is a little more to this than initially seems at face value. Cucumbers are a tropical plant and when you are trying to grow them in the UK you have to manage the temperature requirements of this plant. Temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius can shock this plant into a conditions where it just refuses to grow. Any lower and cold damage can occur and you will easily lose your plant. There are of course cultivars available now which are more capable of surviving in the UK without the additional heat provided by a green house but you will never get the yields achieved by a quality cultivar in a green house.

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