Tropical gardens UK How to Pot and Plant Exotic Nerine (Guernsey Lily) ...

Native to the tropical climates of South Africa, Nerines (Guernsey Lilies) have different needs when you pot them on or plant them in an exotic garden. In this video English horticulturist Simon explains the conditions required to get the very best out of these wonderful bulbs. 

Apart from the extremely hardy Nerine bowdenii, it just isn't recommended to plant these gorgeous bulbs outside in the UK so in order to provide the best environment for flowering they will fair far better in a greenhouse. This is because the require warmer temperatures (especially over the winter) and dry winters.

On the other hand, Nerine bowdenii is as tough as old boots, at least in the south of England, where it can stand up to the worst our soft winters can through at it. Simply plant it in a sunny position (preferably against the protection of a south-facing wall) in a well drained soil.

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