Do Hyacinths like sun or shade?

Native to the area of the eastern Mediterranean, Hyacinths have been a mainstay of British gardens since the 18th century. In fact during this period over 2,000 cultivars were grown in the Netherlands, its primary commercial producer. Modern cultivars are particularly vibrant and floriferous and so to get the most of you plants you will need to provided their ideal conditions which means mimicking their natural environment as much as possible. Of course this means knowing whether Hyacinths like sun or shade.

Found north of Bulgaria through to the northern part of the region of Palestine, hyacinths are typically found growing in hot semi-arid climates with mild winters and dry hot summers. Spring arrives around March–April and the hottest months are July and August, with the average high being 33 °C. The coldest month is January with temperatures usually at 7 °C. Rain is scarce and generally falls between November and March. Hyacinths manage to cope in these conditions due to the bulb which is in a fact a sophisticated storage systems allowing them to survive through long periods of extended drought.

So when growing Hyacinths in Northern Europe you actually get two choices. Firstly you can grow them indoors as a flowering houseplant then either dispose of them or plants them in the garden once they have finished flowering. The second choice is to purchase the specifically for growing outside.

When growing Hyacinths indoors as a houseplant then provide a light bright position that is out of direct sun.

When growing Hyacinths outside in the garden they will need a position that receives direct sun, and planted in a free draining soil.

Therefore to answer the question of do Hyacinths like sun or shade? Hyacinths like sun.

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