Tropical Gardens UK: How to Overwinter (Winterize) Glory Lily, Flame li...

Most gardeners responsible for exotic gardens dread the late autumn as with it come a huge amount of plant winterisation. One such plant is the Glory lily which cannot be left out in freezing, wet conditions otherwise the root tubers will easily damage and rot! There are a few techniques which you can employ, usually I tip the pot over mid-autumn to prevent rain water from soaking the root-ball then I bring the pot into the greenhouse and leave it to dry out until I bring it back in the spring. This year I have done it differently as I am out of space in the green house which turned out to be perfect as a number of my hardy exotic have been damaged despite being in the greenhouse due to an exceptionally cold spell!

So now the tubers have been washed clean, dried and stored in a drawer in the kitchen. Once the threat of late frosts have passed they will be potted on again, placed outside in full sun and watered thoroughly.

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