Fuchsia Gall Mite - What is KIlling my Fuchsia?

Fuchsias used to be a mainstay of the garden and why wouldn't it be? Originating predominately from the tropical or subtropical regions of south America. For years Fuchsia used to be bullet proof with very little problems with pests and diseases but recently this has changed.

If you are looking at your Fuchsias and wondering what on earth is all that hard, horrible cankerous growth then you are not alone. Sadly, gone are the days when fuchsia will look amazing and continue to flower until the first hard frost. Now they look stunted, sickly and full of distorted, shapeless lumps! So what is causing this scurge on one of our favourite garden plants and what can you do about it? Well it's not good news as English horticulturists Simon explants just what Fuchsia gall mite is and what can be done about it.

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