Best vegetables to grow from seeds!


Image: Climbing French Bean ‘Cobra’ seeds from Suttons

If you’re starting a new vegetable patch or allotment, the cheapest and most satisfying way to grow your own vegetables is from seed. You don’t need a greenhouse or lots of fancy equipment. In fact, clean yogurt pots can be used to start seeds off on a bright windowsill. Some seeds can even be direct-sown into the soil outdoors. Check the back of your seed packets for the best time to sow each variety. 

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Easy veg to sow from seed

Some vegetable seeds are easier to germinate than others. If you don’t have a huge garden, many of these can be grown in pots or containers on a sunny balcony. Here are some of the best vegetable seeds for beginners: 

  • Tomato – F1 Sweet Million

  • Pea – Hurst Greenshaft

  • Beetroot – Rainbow mixed

  • Bean (Climbing French) – Cobra

  • Cucumber – F1 Burpless Tasty Green

  • Lettuce – Little Gem

  • Courgette – F1 Defender

  • Radish – French Breakfast 3

Quick tips for growing your own veg from seed

  • Add holes to clean margarine containers for cheap, reusable seed trays.

  • Good quality seed compost gives the best results.

  • To speed up germination, soak your beans overnight and lay them on some damp cotton wool to shoot. 

  • Seed swap with friends and family. If you each grow a different variety you can exchange the seedlings.

  • Always label your seed trays. Wooden ice lolly sticks work well.

  • Store spare seeds in a sealed container with a few grains of rice to keep them dry.

  • Sow salad leaves and radish seeds every two weeks for a constant supply through the summer.

  • Some vegetables stop producing crops if you don’t pick them regularly. Keep harvesting runner beans, French beans and courgettes to get more veg.

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