Do daffodils grow back every year?

While not the first bulb to come into flower in the spring, daffodils are certainly the most prominent. Planted in huge numbers every year, England can often appear awash with their perfect golden blooms. When priced per bulb, the more common varieties are among the cheapest ornamental flowering bulbs you can buy, but when purchasing the more fancier cultivars in bulb for mass planting schemes it can become expensive. So with such an investment it would be great to have an answer to the question that is on many a novice gardeners lips. Do daffodils grow back every year?

Native to meadows and woods in southern Europe and North Africa, daffodils have evolved to survive in the warm, dry climates of the Mediterranean basin. That being said, they have naturalized widely and in doing so have become an important commercial crop centered primarily in the Netherlands. The Netherlands being a relatively cold and wet northern European country. Now not all plants native to the Mediterranean basin are able to cope with the freezing wet winters of England and so it is reasonable to assume that daffodils would not be hardy enough to survive our northern European climate. However, as with many bulb genera, daffodils have proven themselves to be considerably robust and over time both wild and cultivated plants have become naturalized widely. In fact, the daffodil is the national flower of Wales in the United Kingdom.

Of course, not all daffodil species and cultivars are going to be hardy enough to survive year on year under the environmental stress of the British climate, but the upside is that so many do. So, as long as you choose tried and tested varieties you will find that daffodils will grow back every year. To choose form the best you only need to go to the RHS website to research which varieties and cultivars have been awarded the RHS Award of Merit.  

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