How to grow teasel from seed -

Teasel - Dipsacus fullonum, is a tall, striking, thistle-like plant with serrated leaves and large spiny flower heads. Native to Eurasia and North Africa it is a valuable source of nectar for bees and butterflies, as well as attracting many seed-eating birds to suburban gardens or wildflower meadows.The seeds are an important winter food resource for the European goldfinch. The spent blooms also make for attractive, dried, cut flowers.

Teasel seedlings -
Using 7.5 cm pots or a modular seed tray, sow teasel seeds from February to June onto the surface of a good quality, free-draining, damp, seed compost such as John Innes 'Seed and Cutting'. Teasel seeds require the presence of sunlight to help initiate germination so only cover with a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place the tray or pots inside a heated or regular propagator at a temperature of 15-20C (59-68F). Alternatively seal inside a clear polythene bag and position in a warm bright windowsill, but one which does not receive direct sunlight as this can cause the compost to dry out. Germination can be irregular but you can expect the seedlings to emerge from 1-3 months.

Transplant modular seed tray seedlings once the roots have established into 7.5cm pots. Young plants will need to be gradually acclimatise to cooler conditions over a few weeks before planting out into their final position. However you will need to wait until all risk of late frost has passed before doing so.

Provide a position of sunlight for best results, however they will cope with shade. They are tolerant of most soil types from light, well-drained soils to heavy clay. Plant teasel seedlings 30-45 cm apart.

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