How to grow Amelanchier canadensis?

Commonly known as the Canadian serviceberry, Amelanchier canadensis is a medium sized suckering shrub or small tree with tall erect stems, oblong leaves and erect or curved racemes. Native to Canada from Newfoundland to southern Ontario, and in the United States from Maine to Alabama it is a deciduous species grown as both a medicinal plant as well as for its ornamental value.

Be aware that Amelanchier canadensis is often confused with Amelanchier lamarckii, however Amelanchier lamarckii has a more spreading habit and the potential to become a small tree, not just a large shrub. Alo the racemes of Amelanchier lamarckii tend to be more pendulous.

Amelanchier autumn colour
Growing up to 3-4 metres high with a similar sized spread, the mid-green leaves are woolly on both sides, sharply-toothed and produce soft red or yellow over the autumn before leaf-drop. A profusion of pure-white, star-shaped blooms appear in April which are followed by round, black, edible sweet-tasting berries which ripen in June. So if you fancy growing one of these gorgeous trees in your garden, just how do you grow Amelanchier canadensis 

Plant Amelanchier canadensis from November to early March in a sunny or partially shaded position. In its native habitat it is largely restricted to wet sites, and as you would expect will perform well in any decent garden soil that remains moist throughout the growing season. That being said it will always do better in a lime-free or slightly acidic soil.

Amelanchier canadensis received its Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1938.

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