The common chamomile - Chamaemelum nobile is a popular garden herb notably grown as a low maintenance and fragrant alternative to grass, it is also used in herbal teas, perfumes, and cosmetics.

Native to both Europe and Great Britain, it is a fully hardy, mat-forming species with finely dissected, aromatic, mid-green foliage that gives it an almost mossy appearance. Once established it will grow to approximately 5 inches in height. The daisy-like flowers are between 2-3 inches across and appear from June to July. The blooms are borne on straggly stems 6-9 inches tall.

Chamomile lawns

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Provided it is not planted in areas prone to medium or high traffic Chamaemelum nobile is a popular choice for planting out a small lawn. Chamomile lawns are both cool on the feet and release an attractive, crisp, apple-like scent when crushed. Space individual plants 12-15 inches apart in any ordinary, well-drained soil.  Avoid heavy clay soils and very dry, stony conditions.

An open, sunny site is best for a chamomile lawn, although it will tolerate a certain amount of light dappled shade. It may be necessary to mow the plants once or twice a year to remove any renegade, long stems. The cultivar Chamaemelum nobile‘Treneague’ is a vigorous, non-flowering, low-growing form which grows to only 3-4 inches high making it the ideal choice for creating a chamomile lawn.

Do not use lawn weed killers on Chamomile lawns, any weeding must be done manually.

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