How to grow Bellis perennis from seed

The ornamental Bellis perennis hybrids and varieties are in fact cultivated forms of the common European species of daisy which is often considered to be a lawn weed! Found in plant retailers during the early spring they are a fantastic, large flowering (comparatively so)  herbaceous perennial plant which produces masses of tightly quilled button flowers on compact plants. Growing well in shade they are good for planting under trees or as an edging for patio borders etc

How to grow Bellis perennis from seed
A native to western, central and northern Europe they are extremely easy to grow from seed and as such it is not necessary to grow them in a seed tray as they will germinate quite happily directly sown outdoors.

Sow Bellis perennis seeds in late spring to early summer in a sheltered, shady site. They are best sown on the surface of a well prepared, but unfertilized seed bed then gently rake in so that they are approximately 1/4 inch deep.

Gently water in using a soft rose attachment so that the seeds are not buried further or knocked out of the bed. Germination should occur between 14-21 days.

Once the seedlings are large enough to handle they can be thinned to between 4-6 inches apart.

Water and weed as necessary over the summer and come the autumn they can be transplant to their final position 9 inches apart.

Bellis perennis hybrids and varieties will do best in a sunny or part-shaded position where they will return to flower the following spring.

Main Image credit - Simon Eade

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