How to grow Abutilon 'Kentish Belle'

The Abutilon genus contains approximately 100 species of half hardy and tender annuals, perennials, evergreen shrubs and small trees however, the one cultivar that you are most likely to find in the United Kingdom is Abutilon 'Kentish Belle'.

Abutilon 'Kentish Belle' is a gorgeous, ornamental, summer-flowering shrub that will grow to a height and spread of between 1.5 and 2.5 metres. It is compact, semi-evergreen with arching shoots and three-lobed, triangular-ovate leaves. The flowers of 'Kentish Belle' are a little special, each one is 4-5cm in length, bell-shaped, with orange-yellow petals boldly contrasting with a dark red calyx

How to grow Abutilon 'Kentish Belle'
It will grow outside in any ordinary, well-drained soil. It will do best in full sun, but will tolerate light-shade so long as the site is sheltered and warm. Water freely during the growing season, but reduce this down to being kept just moist for the rest of the year.

While the Abutilon 'Kentish Belle' mixed heritage belongs to the tropical regions of south America its hybridization has made it cold hardier than the other species and cultivated varieties.

However, its tolerance to cold and frosts only goes so far and will only allow it to remain planted outside in the milder, southernmost regions of the United Kingdom. Even so it is advisable to provide dried bracken fronds or straw as winter protection in all but the mildest districts

Regarding pruning, remove frosted and dead shoots from outdoor plants in March or April.

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