Camellia 'Royalty'

While Camellia 'Royalty' looks every inch a japonica species, it it in fact a hybrid between Camellia japonica 'Clarise Carlton' and Camellia reticulata 'Cornelian'.

Developed in 1968, this evergreen shrub was selected for its compact, upright habit. Although its overall height is comparably lacking compared to most other camellia cultivars it will certainly mature to 4-6 feet tall making Camellia 'Royalty' a better choice for most people's gardens.

Camellia 'Royalty'
The dark-green leaves of Camellia 'Royalty' are both particularly dense and extremely lush making the perfect backdrop for its early blooms.

The semi-double flowers are very large with slightly crinkled petals. Each one is bright pink, although the coloration becomes even deeper, almost red in the center.

Like most camellias, Camellia 'Royalty' will require an acidic soil in a sheltered position. While the plant itself is relatively tough the flowers are not and will need to be protected against cold, dry winds and early morning sun otherwise they will brown off. With this in mind plant Camellia 'Royalty' in a north-facing, east-facing or West-facing position. While this particular species will grow better and produce more far flowers in a sunny position, if it doesn't have the protection of light overhead shade from a higher canopy of trees the flowers will suffer in the spring.

There is of course another way to maintain perfect blooms and that is to grow Camellia 'Royalty' in a container and bring it in under cover prior to flowering. That way your blooms will be nothing less than perfect year after year.

Camellia 'Royalty' received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1986

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