How to grow Beaumontia grandiflora

Beaumontia grandiflora is a vigorous, evergreen climber whose native habitat ranges from Nepal and Southeast Tibet and Yunnan south through Assam, Burma (now Myanmar) and Southeast Asia. Commonly known as the Nepal trumpet flower, or the Easter lily, Beaumontia grandiflora is considered to be a tropical plant, but it is known to grow well in subtropical or southern Mediterranean climates. This is because Beaumontia grandiflora has evolved in an alpine environment making it is surprisingly hardy. In fact it is able to tolerate temperatures as low as to 28 degrees Fahrenheit -3 degrees Celsius with relatively little damage!

How to grow Beaumontia grandiflora
To get the most of of you Beaumontia grandiflora it will need to be planted in full sun wherever possible or light shade in tropical climates. It will require a rich soil, well drained soil  and will require plenty of water over the growing season. Be aware though that it dislikes heavy, wet soil in winter and can suffer severe root damage if kept waterlogged over this period. If heavy soil is difficult to avoid then create a raised bed and add plenty of grit and organic matter to improve the drainage.

It isn't necessary to prune Beaumontia grandiflora, but you may have to if your plant gets too large. Beaumontia grandiflora flowers on new seasons wood, so to make sure you get blooms the following year you will always need to prune immediately after flowering.

Growing Beaumontia grandiflora from seed

Beaumontia grandiflora seed should be sown in the early spring. Place each seed into a 3 inch pot containing a good quality compost such as John Innes 'Seed and Cutting'. Place in a heated propagator at 20 degrees Celsius, or inside a sealed, clear polythene bag on a warm, bright windowsill. Once germinated they will need to be removed from the propagator or bag, but can be left to grow on the warm windowsill. The can be planted outside in the early summer but will need to be hardened off for a week or so beforehand.

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