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The secret to hard landscaping

If you are planning on designing a garden then hard landscaping is always going to be a key factor. In fact, without hard landscaping you would have no paths, walls, raised beds, fences nor almost any other feature.

Hard landscaping is essential to a garden as it gives you privacy, structure and functionality. It can make a small garden appear bigger whilst in a larger garden it can break up and define the space. Put simply, hard landscaping is the very bones of a gardens design. Get it right and you can create a paradise!

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The secret to hard landscaping
Sometimes hard landscaping is required out of necessity rather than for aesthetic reasons. These can include the building of a retaining wall to prevent soil movement, or to create a hard standing surface for car parking. Paths both protect lawns and lead you to areas of interest, whilst sloping gardens can be tamed with terracing.

Garden structures can add depth and interest to a garden, so design your garden to include space for outbuildings and seating.  Ponds and fountains can become a focal point, whilst pergolas and covered walkways can provide welcome shade. Driveways and slopes can often be difficult to get right and rather than tarmac (don't even consider concrete!), block paving can be laid to the exact dimensions giving a bespoke look and a very smart first impression.

You can improve the flow of a garden if you use similar materials throughout it. You can experiment with different patterns of brickwork which can be used in buildings, pathways or even raised planters.  Repeating small details can add your personality to your garden, and make it stand out from others. Paving materials such as cobbles, brick, railway sleepers, block paving and gravel can be used to define smaller areas within your garden. Experiment with colours and patterns to achieve a unique look.

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The secret to hard landscaping
But there is no need to settle for solely utilitarian materials because with a little thought you can add flair to these more mundane works. You can choose from the traditional such a brick, gravel, rock or stone, concrete, and timber, to the more modern such as heavy duty plastics and rubbers, bitumen, glass, and metals.

In fact if you can imagine it, then you can probably build it, just so long as your budget is a large as you imagination. Do your research, and not only can you enhance the look of your property, you can be adding thousands to its value. However if you are landscaping the front of your property then it is always best to try and fit in with the rest of the properties on your street otherwise you can risk losing value.

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