Fence panels for your garden

Now that the safe, warm weather of summer is over we can all look forward to spending the next six months watching strong winds and freezing rain from the comfort of our double glazed homes. But there is something that you need to be thinking of just before you bite the bullet and turn on the heating; just how solid are your fences? A strange question indeed, but only strange to those who haven't suffered the frozen indignity of replacing a lost panel in the depths of winter.

So far this year I have replaced three panels for new, repaired two and butchered several dead ones to make up two hybrid panels.

Gravel board
All the panels have since been painted blue so that they all look as though they match. Why have I displayed such an impressive work ethic? It is called the power of nagging - an effective and key method of motivation employed my wife.

Be that as it may I no longer worry about the kids next door, together with their mental, poo-laden dog wandering into the garden looking for adventure.

For the word '...adventure...' you can substitute this following phrase '...wanton destruction of prized plant collection...'

There is not much that that you can do about the fence panels you inherit when you buy a property, but it is down to you to maintain and replace as necessary. Loose slats can be screwed or nailed back in place, whilst missing slats can be replaced with feather board from your local DIY centre.

Fence panels
Take the time to properly look around the panels for damaged or loose wood. Pay particular attention if the panels are resting on the soil as this area will be particularly prone to rot. Make sure that any wood you purchase is tantalized (infused with a preservative).

If you wish to make a decent job of your replacement fence panels consider installing gravel boards underneath the panel to increase its lifespan. If money is no object then you can opt for concrete gravel boards.

Be aware that there is only so much repair work that you can do before you end up wasting both your time and your money. At this point you are going to have to face reality and buy a genuine fence panel.

Now you have two choices. You can either drive out to your local garden centre or DIY store to order your fence panels for delivery or you can go online and order panels from the comfort of your own home.

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