The lizard vine

Not only is the lizard vine an absolute gem of the plant kingdom, it is a supreme a master of disguise. However, despite its startling look, it was discovered only three years ago by a research team cataloging new species in French Guiana.

Headed by the renowned Dutch botanist Doctor John Apryll, the team heralded their new find as akin to a discovering a new primate.

Commonly known as the lizard vine or honeyvine, it was named after the head of the team, hence the botanical name of Fossilis apriliana.

The 'eye' is in fact a swollen flowering bud and is a defense to deter browsing animals from eating it. When opened, the flower produces copious amounts of nectar and is a delicacy of the local Wayampi tribe.

Unfortunately, the lizards vine's flowering period is very short lived as they begin to die back as soon as they are pollinated. Bud initiation to pollination can be as short as 7-10 days, and when the lizard vine is not in bud it is sadly a rather nondescript plant. This explains why it had remained undiscovered by the scientific community for so long.

Of course none of this true, I made the whole thing up. The image is a photo-shopped fake, but looks soooo real that I had to include it in my Facebook page.

Of course you knew it was a fake as soon as you read the botanical name Fossilis apriliana. In other words - APRIL FOOLS!

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