The secret to growing giant lemons - Can you do better?

Have you ever wanted to impress your fruit growing friends with exceptionally large lemons? The chances are that you probably haven't, but the need to grow bigger and better fruit that your peers has been the goal of amateur and head gardeners for centuries.

The secret to growing giant lemons
So when it comes to growing enormous lemons there isn't really a secret formula.

You just need to be growing a cultivated variety that produces naturally large fruit.

Suitably large species and cultivated varieties include Citrine medica, the Ponderosa Lemon, and the Femminello Lemon.

Be that as it may, there are some cultivational points that you can employ in order to improve your chances.

Remove, also known as thinning out, half the juvenile fruit when they are about the size of a marble in order to encourage the remaining fruit to grow larger.

Lemon trees are more sensitive to frost damage than other types of citrus so try to provide a frost free environment during the coldest part of the year. Furthermore, plant your lemon tree into a slightly acidic, free draining soil and provide adequate light, warmth, nutrition and water. Although the perfect nutrient breakdown is still argued by professionals try using  5-1-3 NPK with a monthly feed of trace nutrients.

It should go without saying that you should be relentless with pest and disease control - organic, of course.

So, just what is my secret to growing giant lemons?

The secret to growing giant lemons
Well, there is no secret as such, although I will admit to a little cheating.

While the tree is indeed a lemon tree, the giant lemon hanging from its branches was certainly not produced by it.

It was recently purchased from a lemon stall in Sorrento, Italy, and tucked carefully away in my suitcase for the flight back home.

A cotton cradle was carefully sewn into the top of the lemon by the future Mrs. Eaden, from which it was hung in place. Deception complete!

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